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Kizzed By Kelz - Blog

07/02/2020 - New kit in store! Alvilda
New kit in store! Alvilda"Drink up me hearties yoho …a pirates life for me."Kizzed By Kelz matching kit for Alehandra Vanhek's Alvilda tube available @ [ link ]  [ link ]  
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06/26/2020 - New kit in store! Steampunk 37
New kit in store! Steampunk 37"The journey not the arrival matters."Kizzed By Kelz matching kit for Verymany's Steampunk 37 tube available @ [ link ]  [ link ]  
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06/18/2020 - New kit in store! Kitty 2
New kit in store! Kitty 2“Cats leave paw prints in your heart, forever and always.”Kizzed By Kelz matching kit for Fiodorova Maria's Kitty 2 tube available @ [ link ]  [ link ]  
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