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Kizzed By Kelz - Blog

02/14/2021 - New kit in store! Mira St. Patty
 New kit in store! Mira St. Patty"That's right, there's free beer in Irish paradise. Everyone's jealous."Kizzed By Kelz matching kit for Mira St. Patty tube available @ [ link ]   [ link ]  
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02/14/2021 - New kit in store! Bride 2
 New kit in store! Bride 2“Nothing can make a woman look beautiful like the glow on her wedding day.”Kizzed By Kelz matching kit for Vi Nina's Bride 2 tube available @ [ link ]   [ link ]   [ link ]  
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01/30/2021 - New kit in store! Panda
 New kit in store! Panda"Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back."Kizzed By Kelz matching kit for Vi Nina's Panda tube available @ [ link ]  
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